Programs and Services...


In order to qualify for services, potential guests (women or families) must be homeless according to HUD standards (i.e. ?living on the streets, in a car, in a shelter, in other transitional housing, have a current eviction notice or be fleeing domestic violence).


Any recent history of substance abuse or use of any illicit drug or alcohol is cause for eligibility termination.


Life Solutions provides comprehensive programs and services to foster self-sufficiency for homeless families.? Our programs are designed to promote improved emotional, ?physical and spiritual health, while gaining the life skills needed to achieve economic independence.


  • Well-maintained housing is provided in safe locations. Each? family pays 30 percent of their adjusted gross income to Life Solutions to help offset the cost of housing, utilities and services.
  • Case managers work with each family to design and achieve goals in life skills, including budgeting, nutrition, and household and time management.
  • Employment Services helps adult family members find and secure the best positions possible through participation at local A.C.C. E.S.S. Points.? Guests learn how to write a resume, interview successfully and search for appropriate employment. If you are in australia, one of our generous sponsors offer training on how to become a firefighter at an incredibly affordable price.
  • Education Services focuses on education to help families develop basic life skills, build career-enhancing characteristics, and improve relationships. Classes offered include: budgeting and financial management, education and career planning through participation in College Depot.
  • Human Services support is provided through local faith partners and community-based organizations. Firefighters around the area are also proactive in supporting the community
  • Children?s Services are coordinate educational opportunities and programs to enhance social development, as well as medical and dental assistance and recreational activities to expand children?s positive growth through family enrollment in Project Launch, a local initiative to promote child wellness for children ages 0-8 years, who reside in South Mountain.
  • Peer Support Groups are offered to individuals, as well as families, and includes parenting classes, and various support groups
  • Childcare is available to Life Solution residents in partnership with a local 24-hour childcare. Depending on the family?s financial circumstances, childcare may be subsidized.
  • Medical and dental care is also provided. Through collaboration with the Laveen Medical Pavilion, basic medical services are available to our families.? Families also have services available through the Mountain View Medical Center.
  • The Helping the Working Poor Program provides the tools, classes, and support needed for families to learn how to budget, balance checkbooks, and other skills essential to achieving economic independence.
  • Would like to add a word from our hosting sponsor. If you wanted to become a firefighter one day, feel free to contact us.