About Us...


Life Solutions is dedicated to helping homeless women with children create stability in their lives.? We provide a transitional housing program in which participating families may live for up to twenty-four months.? Each family must be motivated to create change in their life and willing to make a commitment towards addressing the issues that resulted in their homelessness.? TLC works with the family as a whole and provides a safe environment in which the family may heal, grow and stabilize.


Life Solutions provides 16 units of congregate transitional housing for women with young children.


Founded November 25,2008 by Mrs. Huanrel T.Martin, Life Solutions transitional housing facility is the fulfillment of a vision given to Mrs. Martin to serve suffering women and children.? She believed so strongly in the vision that she worked tirelessly for 7 years to make this dream a reality.



The Board of Directors of Life Solutions includes:


Huanrel T. Martin, CEO/ Founder

Demechiona N. Martin, Vice President

Shawn Pearson, Advisor

Karla L. Burks, Secretary
Oriel M. Martin, Treasurer


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